Brooklyn Vs Sydney art exhibition


Heads-up! The Sydney-based art-enthusiasts amongst you should put a big red mark in your diary for this Friday because Brooklyn Vs Sydney – an exhibition of collage work selected by New York curator Kara Brooks – is heading to M2 gallery.

Though the title insinuates competitiveness, the exhibition is more like a giant hug made of art, than some kind of mean-spirited battle between the two cities. Indeed, its purpose is to bring together the two communities, united in this common medium.

kubiThe Brooklyn artists in this exhibition are part of the Brooklyn Collage Collective (BCC), a group that officially began in 2013 by Morgan Lappin, with the mission to bring attention to the diversity of this art form.

They include Lizzie Gill, Joseph Karwacki, Claire Lachow, Morgan Lappin, Jon Legere, Kieran Madden, Jay Riggio and Richard Vergez

Meanwhile, the Sydney artists were acquired via the BCC network and through good ol’ social media.

You can see work from locals such as Leah Early, Shannon Johnson, Tulsi Maya, Chelsea Meatchem, Mia Middleton and Kubi Vasak (whose work is pictured here).

“Brooklyn Vs. Sydney” is a tribute to the power and willingness of the collage community. Collage is both an underground and contemporary art form that is relevant to the present day.

The use of pre-­existing materials and objects helps to give meaning to the discontinuity of our generation, so heavily saturated with images.

The exhibition runs from its opening night on January the 9th until the 13th, so you haven’t got long to get along and check it out.

For more deets, head along to the opening night’s Facebook Event Page.

M2 gallery is located at shop 4/450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010