Interview: Getting to Know Anna O

Perth musician Anna O has recently released ‘Symphony’, taken from her upcoming EP.  The song blends the artist’s heavenly vocals over synths, strings and a grand orchestral chorus. We asked her to tell us more about herself:

I am Anna O.

“Symphony” is the lead single from my up-coming second EP and my favourite release to date.

My launch shows will be even better than I could have planned! The first one is done and dusted and it was an incredible night. I can’t wait to hit up Sydney on Jan 30 and Melbourne on Jan 31 with some fresh tunes!

Perth is where I grew up, where I learnt to sing and where I started making music. Perth is home, but I’ll be departing soon enough!

I spend too much time in my own head! Working for yourself means a lot of time by yourself, and I’m an extrovert! Which is why I love the performing, interviewing and meeting new people part of the industry. Need to get out of my head and amongst the people! But I guess that’s where all the tunes happen.

I am currently listening to Jane Tyrrell, Jessie Ware and Banks.

It might surprise people to learn that I don’t actually play an instrument. I write everything by ear straight into garageband on my iPad. That thing is demo-central, if I ever lose it…. let’s not go there.

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.