Free yoga with lululemon and SydFest


Sydney Festival is unquestionably awesome. But if you are a fully-committed festival attendee then it is also unquestionably exhausting and can leave your body feeling a bit battered. Work all day, straight to an early-evening show, then another event and finally party into the early hours of the morning. And for dinner? Messina.

So, to counteract all of this, you’ll want to be good to your body whenever possible during the month of January. Thankfully, Sydfest have taken this into consideration and have teamed up with yoga-inspired athletic apparel company lululemon to offer up free yoga sessions through the festival’s duration. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 7:15am and Wednesday nights at 6pm, lululemon will bring Sydney Festival-goers a complimentary one-hour yoga class in Hyde Park.

So pull your aching body out of bed early –  or head straight from work on Wednesdays – and soak up the sun while you move, breathe, strengthen and stretch. All you need to do is being your mat, your pals and as much zen as you can muster.

passion cropIn preparation for our participation, we road-tested some of lululemon’s gear, including the Passion Crop II (ladies – pictured) and the weirdly named Get The Funk Outta Here top (men’s), as we were interested to see if their claims of comfort held up. Lululemon show great pride in the fact that they “take hundreds of hours of meticulous tailoring to create a piece of gear that fits and performs so well it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.” Was this true, or just hollow advertising talk? Well, impressively, it is true. Really true. The most noticeable thing was how light and unobtrusive the garments were. It really did feel like we weren’t wearing them at all. Absolute comfort.

We don’t recommend things lightly here at Something You Said, but, unless you actually want to do your yoga naked (which could involve strange looks from passers-by, embarrassing photos appearing on instagram, a police record, chilly breezes in your personal areas, etc) then this clobber is the next best thing.

If you want to deck yourself out in lululemon’s ace gear, then head to their website (you can also stalk them on Twitter). For class schedule and to find out more, head to The Sydney Festival website.