Album Review: Trash Kit – Confidence


There is a raucous tension within ‘Confidence’ – nervous energy coupled with spastic groovy jams. The sounds are in part reminiscent of a jazzy/bluesy New Orleans parade, only the parade is in someone’s bedroom and the attendees are twenty somethings trying to act confident. The juxtaposition of the catchy-yet-unnerving time signatures and warm tinges of a march/party is intoxicating.

Rachel Aggs and Rachel Horwood bring even more vibes to the scene with clearcut British accents that just bounce along with the music so well. Featured throughout are the band’s oozing ahhs (in the words of Bad Religion. However these are oozing ahhs and ohhs from two gals in East London and not from a bunch of middle-aged dudes from SoCal) which make for some wonderful harmonies. These are especially clear on the last track “Shyness” which also features some jazzy elements in the form of a saxophone, and guess what, it feels right at home. The harmonies are often in quick succession, mirroring the guitars. An ability that is also present in Rachel Aggs’ other band, the post punk/garage rock act, Shoppers. A band with whom Trash Kit share similarities, but the songs here sound much more developed and less exceedingly dependent on the main rhythm. Granted, the bands are two different ones and such a comparison isn’t entirely fair, but Trash Kit manage to play around more and bring more ideas to the table and they are all the better for it.

All in all, Trash Kit deliver unique sounds with a plethora of influences that just work. There’s something very rewarding and surprising when several influences coalesce and work- be it African fingerstyle patterns or a DIY punk spirit and math rock. This band has some moxie. So please get on and hear Trash Kit’s exuberant jams in the January cold or warmth, because Trash Kit don’t care which hemisphere you’re in.

“Condifence” is out now on Upset!The Rhythm.



Review by Felix Englund Örn.