Sarah Blasko at Twilight at Taronga

Twilight at Taronga

Here’s a question you never thought you’d be asked. Has a possum ever climbed onto your lap during a gig? The answer is pretty-bloody-obviously no, right? Unless perhaps, you were at Sarah Blasko’s lovely Twilight at Taronga show in Sydney last Friday.

About half-an-hour into the set, a possum strolled out from the trees and wandered through the crowds of people who were sitting on picnic blankets in the natural amphitheatre. He gently and, without fear, climbed onto and over laps and legs, determinedly heading towards the area directly in front of the stage. Maybe he wanted a dance. He certainly attracted the attention of Sarah Blasko, who paused and said, “ooh look, a possum,” before getting on with the show. The little fellow, unfazed, headed off towards the trees.

This incident sums up the lovely setting in which these Twilight at Taronga shows take place. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and the view is stunning, with the City skyline and Harbour Bridge on the horizon. Punters lay on the grass and eat picnics, while a handful of people get up and dance at the front.

Starting the night off were Melbourne/New York based Luluc, with their low-key and unobtrusive folk sound. After which, as the sun set, Sarah Blasko took to the stage with a full band, including genius multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Fletcher and a string section. Highlights of the night included Explain, which still oozes with haunting magnificence even after all these years, and the more recent, moody I Awake. Blasko was as charming as ever, with her affable banter between the songs and her splendidly dorky dancing.

The only downsides were the heavy, yet thankfully brief, shower which soaked all and sundry and the fact that three people turned up one minute before the gig started and decided to cram themselves into a tiny space next to us, completely obscuring our view and not giving a solitary shit about doing so. Be advised therefore, to take a brolly and to make sure you position yourselves in a way that doesn’t annoy those around you, or that allows yourself to be annoyed by others. But these downsides were minor and wet feet/annoying neighbours failed to detract from the beauty of Blasko’s music and the wonderful setting.

Twilight at Taronga continues to run on Fridays and Saturdays for another month and, rain and rude individuals aside, is absolutely worth a visit. The transport to-and-from the venue is easy and involves a pleasant ferry ride, which is included in the price of a ticket. Also, the walk through the site means you get to check out a few of the animals in the zoo. You can bring your own food (not booze – that’s on sale there) or can buy it when you get there.

Below are the remaining shows. We’re heading to a few of them and you should too. Highly recommended from the Something You Said team is The Bamboos show on Saturday and one you DO NOT WANT TO MISS is the Conor Oberst/Felice Brothers gig in March. That one is going to be incredible. See you there. Maybe our possum pal will come and visit again too.

Friday 20 February – THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, supported by Caravãna Sun
Saturday 21 February – THE BAMBOOS, supported by Katalyst with special guests (Original beats set)
Friday 27 February – BOYS IN THE BAND – 50 years of hits!
Saturday 28 February – BJÖRN AGAIN – SOLD OUT!
Friday 6 March – CONOR OBERST, supported by The Felice Brothers
Saturday 7 March – RUFUS WAINWRIGHT performing The Best of Rufus Wainwright, supported by Lucy Wainwright Roche
Friday 13 March – DAN SULTAN, supported by Benny Walker and Pierce Brothers
Friday 20 March – SOMETHING FOR KATE, supported by Jen Cloher

For more deets and to grab tickets visit:

NEWS JUST IN: Dan Sultan’s show for MELBOURNE ZOO Twilights has now been rescheduled to Thursday 5th March. Despite the Zoo and artist trying their very best to continue with the show last Friday (13th) the weather was crazy – they even had to evacuate the elephants. Current ticket holders are able to access the show by presenting their existing ticket at the 5 March show. Alternatively, ticket holders can request a request a refund by downloading a form from the Melbourne Zoo’s website.