Video Premiere: Foreign Architects – Clover

It’s almost the freakin weekend and to celebrate we are bringing you an exclusive video Premiere. Check out the excellent clip from Perth-based indie-poppers, Foreign Architects. New single Clover is set to be unleashed into the world on the 20th March but we’re excited to be able to bring you the video for it right here, right now.

One particularly exciting aspect of the song (well, we’re excited about it anyway) is that it features BAGPIPES! Yes, bagpipes! Rather than inspiration coming from that ludicous(ly brilliant) bagpipe solo in John Farnham’s You’re The Voice, Foreign Architects actually included the instrument as a nod to their Scottish heritage. During the recording of the track, drummer Andrew Barnett’s mother was brought in to play the bagpipes. Nice one Mum!

Having last week opened for Eskimo Joe at the Illuminate Street Party, Foreign Architects will be officially launching this new single/video on the 21st of March at the Swan Hotel in Fremantle. The new track follows the release of their debut EP, Jane.

“It’s a song about being down and out, but still believing in yourself enough that you know you’ll find a way out,” explains singer/guitarist Matt Burke. He goes on to talk about the thinking behind the clip. “The rain idea really summed up the feeling and the mood of the song for us, but once we were on set and under the cold water for the first hour, the novelty value wore off a little, but we were over the moon with the result. We think our fans will really connect with the message of the song and the video helps portray that”.

“Clover”will be released 20th March 2015. You can keep up to date with the band on Facebook