Stance Socks showcase their new range

Last week, contributor Rose Ashton created a live art installation to help Stance Socks showcase the latest range of socks. So we thought that was reason enough to bring you the a little video from the day. Check it out, above.

Held at Bondi Harvest in Sydney, the event showed off the entire new range that Stance Socks are offering, featuring pairs designed by the Stance Punks and Poets themselves. Bloggers and celebrities who popped along on the morning included Mimi El Ashiry, Kate Peck, Dena Kaplan, Joelle and Prinnie Stevens. Nibbles, juice and coffee acted as a nice kickstarter for the day, and the socks definitely turned some heads, too

In case you aren’t in the know, here’s the history lesson about Stance. They began their sock rebellion in 2010 by creating socks that aimed to be unique, daring and creatively bold. With billions of feet roaming the earth, the Stance team saw a void in the marketplace, and it was this void that presented an opportunity which soon became their calling.

The goal of Stance is to prove that socks aren’t just about necessity but can be about personal expression, with their eye-catching graphics and comfortable fit.

If, like us, you just grab the first two socks you can find in the morning, regardless of whether they match (they rarely match), then you probably need Stance in your life to improve your foot aesthetic. 

To see all of the Stance Punks and Poets and to find out more about the range, have a look here. Follow Rose Ashton on Facebook.