Get ready for Primavera Sound 2015

With summer approaching the frozen shores of Europe, Australian adventurers start to plan to their booze-fuelled Euro trips. And what better way to start the planning than getting psyched to join the hordes of music aficionados at this year’s Primavera Sound in Barcelona come May? Year after year the organisers curate a selection of musicians and artists complimenting all facets of the industry, and 2015 is no exception. Like preceding years, the typical line-up announcement is laid to the side and replaced by a video. This year’s animation video game bonanza depicts a chambray-clad hipster with an Elvis quaff annihilate ‘baddies’ to win a warm embrace.

Here is our list of ten acts to see with a very biased blurb about why.


Back in full touring force promoting the first new album since 2010. Props for trying to pull a Lee Harper

Ariel Pink:

A musician that epitomizes the differing beats between recordings and live shows. He performs like no other in a sense that you have no bloody idea what to expect.

Patti Smith:

I mean duh. Performing with a band as well as an acoustic and spoken set. Need I explain more?


During their set in Zürich, Switzerland a few months ago there was not a pair of tootsies stagnant. Bouncing around is mandatory.


In the past, the fellas have copped a few bad words for their live performances but by golly I love their Cali rock tunes. Make up your own mind.

Benjamin Booker:

Watch this video and all will be clear. Be still my heart.

Death From Above 1979:

So much amazing powerful noise from two dudes. Garage punk at its best.

Perfume Genius:

Rolling Stone wrote that his third album was one of the ‘best, most surprising new albums’ and the singer/songwriter’s soulful voice can only be amazing and rich live.

James Blake:

Absolute genius. Thank goodness he started showcasing his amazing vocals because two years ago he played at Primavera Sound and the crowd lost their mind when his voice soared.

Mac DeMarco:

Fun banter between bros, impromptu adlib jam sessions, bringing his gal up on stage to serenade, covering Metallica. Nothing is forbidden when Mac DeMarco mounts the stage.

Tickets for the festival on the 28th-30th May are currently on sale here as well as more information about the festival.

kaya strehler


Words by Kaya Strehler.