Photos: Double Exposure in Dungeness


With the promise of mostly dry weather from their various smartphone apps, analogue film and camera enthusiasts Captain Bonobo, Fotobes and’s 25ThC took a photo road trip down to Dungeness on the South East tip of the UK. Here’s what they saw:

November being what it is, the apps were almost right and we arrived just as the rain started! The only pub in the area, The British Queen, was not open for another hour and the lighthouse was shut this time of the year, as was the local railway, so we had no option but to brave the wind and rain and start snapping.

Dungeness is bleak and desolate and made up of an expansive pebble beach with a massive nuclear power station dominating the landscape. Carcasses of old fishing vessels left to rot are scattered far from the edge of the sea along with a disused railway track and numerous shipping containers.

It is, at the same time, a remarkably beautiful and calming place which is probably what draws a number of artists to set up their studios here. Inspiration being drawn from a detached and insular existence yet at the same time surrounded by the extreme weather and the ravaging sea. Thankfully for us the weather quickly cleared up and we managed to get some interesting double exposure shots and also when posing with a rusted old scythe we found in amongst the strewn debris. It is definately worth a visit and the views from the lighthouse when it is open are magnificent.

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Words and pictures by 25ThC