Live Review: Bin Juice in Sydney

bin juice by charlie hardy

Bin Juice were back at Spectrum at the weekend for a show with Dead Brian, with both Sydney bands continuing to make a strong case for the local scene.’s Adrian Pedić was there to check it out:

Dead Brian played a great set, with their own brand of psychedelic, dark post-pop. Despite the verbosity of that description, they were highly approachable and accessible, both on and off stage. With such a distinct and well-done sound, as well as a great live performance, Dead Brian proved they were a group worth keeping an eye on.

Bin Juice took the stage after a brief break, and proved why they are a band that deserves to be playing shows almost every weekend. Playing through almost entirely new material, the group remained as tight as ever, and the confidence in their new material helped the audience take to it with minimal resistance. The dancing crowd was the perfect barometer for the show; at the end of the day, Bin Juice’s funk, upbeat tracks are just fun.

With two young and great Sydney acts playing with aplomb, it was an uplifting night for Australian music. If you’re around, be sure to check these groups out- who knows how much longer they’ll be playing small venues like Spectrum? Regardless, expect to keep hearing about them.



Interview by Adrian Pedić. Photo by Charlie Hardy.