Long Distance Dan – The Other Side of the Sky

Long Distance Dan has been running DJ nights for a while now and his current psychedelic-rock-and-more night “Fuzz Tones” is monthly down in Portsmouth on the South Coast of the UK. Dan even managed to book one of my musical heroes Edan to play a psychedelic set at his night up in London last year, so deserves a lot of respect for that alone.

His new, seven-track EP is therefore heavily influenced by the music he DJs and in particular 60’s psychedelic rock, pop and soul with a bit of prog and funk all laced over hip hop beats. It is deliberately lo-fi and raw as Dan was not aiming for a polished sound but rather the feel of a live band; albeit the music was created on a computer. It is a journey through various styles from start to finish and is short and to the point to keep you coming back to listen again. Opening track “Gotta Keep On” sets the scene nicely with a heavy beat making way for a funky-ass bass line. “Flying Colours” follows with a relentless beat draped over a hypnotic repeated bass line. “Looking up” features a heavily filtered beat and a lush keys sample.

The EP features artwork by none other than Strictly Kev aka DJ Food (Ninja Tune) and is available now at Dusted Industries Bandcamp Page for FREE download/name your price. Anyone who does pay will also received a free 45 minute DJ Mix from the man himself.



Words by 25ThC