Things we should have done but haven’t

should have done

We like to think that we’ve experienced lots of life’s rich tapestry, here at, but there are certain things that we’ve just, well, overlooked. You know, those things that you realise you should have done but just… haven’t? Here’s what our team have, surprisingly, yet to tick off their to-do lists. Turns out loads of us can’t drive:

I’m a film buff and film reviewer and yet I’ve never seen any of the Godfather movies. Also, I am well in my 30s and to my shame I cannot drive an automobile. Bobby Townsend

Ha, I have the same things as Bobby. Can’t drive and haven’t seen the Godfather movies despite being quite the film fan. Also, not owning a turntable despite owning lots of vinyl. It’s so stupid. I used to borrow one but I can’t do that anymore. Felix Englund Örn

The thing with being a non-driving man of advancing age is that other men seem to take it as a reflection on your masculinity. When I have told other men that I don’t and can’t drive, the response I get is akin to revealing that I have elected to remove my own testicles. Neil Martin

I’m also putting up a guilty hand for the “wish I’d learnt to drive” team. I managed to slip through unnoticed during my various stints in Europe thanks to public transport, but there’s so much of Tasmania that you really can’t see without a car. Looks like I’ll be spending some quality time behind the wheel with my parents over the coming months. Chloe Mayne

I’ve never eaten lobster. Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

I should have returned this book I borrowed when I was in primary school. Thing is, when I found about it (10 years later), I was so ashamed of my actions I burnt the book in order to destroy the evidence. Occasionally, I am filled with remorse, because it will never be returned. The place I borrowed it from has now closed down. Addy Fong 

I live in London, a city filled with historic buildings and iconic monuments. Yet, in my 10 years of living in the UK’s capital, I have never visited The Tower Of London or Buckingham Palace. I mean, I’ve seen both of them, walked past them on numerous occasions… but I’ve never been in! I’m sure the millions of tourists who visit each year can’t be wrong! Joe Haddow

After travelling and living across four continents in the last few years, I feel as though I should definitely have been to New Zealand by now. It’s the cheapest and quickest international flight you can get from Hobart, but my daydreams always seem insistent on casting their nets as far away as possible! Also, I spent the majority of last year living in Berlin and I didn’t go to the Berghain. Well, I did go to see Thee Oh Sees play a concert there, but apparently that doesn’t count as “going to” the Berghain. Chloe Mayne

I regret not ever having lived outside of Vienna, a problem that I plan to tackle this year. Also, I regret not getting a picture with Handsome Dick Manitoba from the Dictators when they played here last year! Julia Boyle

Too many things… I feel like I should have learned how to kill cockroaches without squealing by now. And how to clean up the mess without freaking out and getting someone to do it for me. For example. Catherine Mah

I should have kept playing the saxophone after I finished high school. My mother assured me on a regular basis that I would regret it, but I shrugged her off with a solid eye-roll; I now entertain wistful fancies of the progressive saxophonist I could have been. And I had the lung capacity of a whale, which would be a super fun trait at the beach! Chloe Mayne

Oh yeah. I should have learnt an instrument. That’s my biggest regret. Melissa Barrass

Tell us the things you should have done but haven’t, in the comments section below.