Holler And Haul Bring The Carnival

Samantha Heather Photography

Blossoming from the back of a converted ’68 Dodge, Holler and Haul is a travelling carnival that’s bringing lashings of entertainment/good times/great tunes to an Australian backyard near you:

The sun sets upon the inner west of Sydney,
as if reviving the mechanisms of a once derelict automobile.
Suburbia, seduced by dreams of travel and places once been,
is awakened by a low rumbling,
and one is enticed away,
from mundane routines and schedule filled days.

In a Sydney backyard,
an idea awakens to bring us delight,
an experience removed from ordinary, everyday life.
The idea is simple;
a small stage company brought together by three,
to support local talent and bring heaps of cheer.

The skies fill with laughter, colour, and music galore,
thanks to a ’68 Dodge transformed into a stage known as Holler and Haul.

The aim is to bring people together,
no matter how big or how small,
through events that delight and give joy to us all.

There will be more bands, more sideshow,
freak-show and burlesque to enjoy and to view,
with new and exciting projects soon to come through.

Inspired by nomads and gypsies who travel around,
Holler and Haul hopes to do likewise,
to be self-sufficient and environmentally sound.

As the old world meets new and cultures collide,
a company of friendly faces lay welcome to a beautiful sight.
Packaged tales of music, sound, and design are sure to bring delight,
thus Holler and Haul is a wonderful way to spend a spare night.

Find out more on the Holler and Haul Facebook Page.



Words by Addy Fong. Images courtesy of Nirrimi Firebrace and Samantha Heather Photography.