Album Review: Say Lou Lou, Lucid Dreaming

say lou lou’s Kaya Strehler appropriately gets a little assistance from her family when reviewing the debut longplayer from Say Lou Lou:

Elektra and Miranda Kilbey, aka Say Lou Lou, got their name from the ironic twist of fate that, while both find Lou Lou to be a super sweet name, it happened to belonged to their great aunt who apparently was just a real piece of work. Being identical twins means they have the power to read each other’s minds* which I guess is how they seem to be so musically and creatively in sync. With this in mind, I decided to recruit my brother Woody and turn this review into a family affair. Who knows. Maybe it will spark some creative sibling gel between us and we can become the next electro disco power team. I doubt it. He looks terrible in sparkly outfits and flares.

*still not proven by science but I swear there’s something fishy going on.

For me personally, I was immediately sold on the Swedish/Australian duo upon the release of the music video accompanying the single Maybe You. Director Philippe Tempelman strings together an entrancing yet romantically tragic collection of moving photographs to compliment the wistful crooning.

Fast forward to earlier in the month and the ladies have finally released a full LP, Lucid Dreaming. The album transcends a few genres from fast paced disco beats to slower melodramatic crooning. Here is what Family Strehler have to say about it:

Woody: All in all a good album. Doing Sweden and Australia proud.
Kaya: The dreamy ethereal sounds of the girls naturally harmonising voices is beautifully contradicted with the punchy electro pop and nu-disco sounds explored. There seem to be two aspects to the album, which could be to do with the dual nature and potential polarities of twins, but there is the presence of more fast-paced soft electro sounds, then counteracted by slower a more amorously sentimental sound. I find the slower sounds more fulfilled and developed but give them a double kudos for the project as a whole.

Song: Julian
Woody: I’m jealous of this Julian fella. Sweet like candy song.
Kaya: For me it reminds me of the daydream scene in Virgin Suicides when the car is packed and they are all running away from the problems. A very sweet yet melancholy sound.

Song: Games for Girls feat. Lindstrøm
Woody: The first one is too noisy.
Kaya: This collaboration with the Norweigian Disco King is kind of a fast-paced. It seems more well-produced with the alignment of electro and disco and a positive focus on the girls’ chorusing falsetto voices adds the perfect sense of innocence to the title. With this said, something is missing and remains somewhat unfulfilled in my mind.

Song: Peppermint
Woody: Cool melody at the end. Love that duo-singing shit.
Kaya: I think Woody is referring to the harmonising at the end. It really is beautiful, probably one of my favourite on the album. Similar to Julian, Peppermint detours from the disco pop route and focusing more on the lyrics as a nostalgic love song. The repetitive lulling of ‘don’t say it’s over’ is reminiscent of breakups and the climax at the end really hits home.

Song: Everything We Touch
Woody: They are Swedish right? This song has Eurovision all over it.
Kaya: I feel like the girls are only able to get away with what would be considered a cheesey pop tune because of their fully fledged commitment. It’s catchy and nice to have on but a bit more transparent than the rest of the album.

Song: Beloved
Woody: For some reason it reminds me of the Titanic. Real Moody. If I’m ever holding someone or being held up front of a boat, I want this playing.
Kaya: Power pop ballad at its best. It’s simple enough, with its sound and lyrics, but manages to be the perfect combination of the electro and soothing pop sounds explored in the whole album.

Garner your own opinion by streaming the album on Spotify or get in on the free download action on their website, or even rock up to one of their live shows and see them in all of their gorgeous glory.

kaya strehler


Words by Kaya Strehler (and Woody)