In The Bath With Peter Bibby

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Returned home after a cross-continental run of shows including Austin’s SXSW, we chat with Australian singer/songwriter Peter Bibby:

Hey Peter!
Gidday mate!

Thanks for taking the time out to penpal with us here at Something You Said. How’s it going?
The pleasure is all mine. Everything is going well, the sun is out, the dishes are done and the rent is paid.

Where are you as you write this? What were you doing before you sat down to type (assuming, of course, that you are sitting down)?
I’m at my home in Footscray, sitting on the couch in the pool room. I went to the shop to get some parmesan cheese before because Alex made a big pot of bolognese, then we had a game of pool before he went to the hardware store and I had a chat and a ciggy with Anna. We talked about how strange interviews are.

From your big SXSW trip and the video to ‘Goodbye Johnny‘, I had travel on my mind and thought we could have some fun. Below I’ve put three situations, and I want you to imagine yourself into them. You can use real-life tales or make it up, or both. A sort of storytelling/guest playlist affair. Here goes…

Situation one: An American roadtrip

Where are you driving to? What can you see out the front window? Desert, forest, coastline?
I see red dirt and redder mountains, blue skies and cacti as tall as houses. We passed a few lakes a while back…We’re driving to Mexico through an obscure route, and we are dreaming of quesadillas and tequila.

You swing into a roadstop for snacks, but you’ve only got three dollars. What do you buy?
I decide to save my $3 for better food in Mexico.

You’ve got ten more hours of drive-time ahead of you, but only two CDs that haven’t been warped in the sun. What are they?
Chicha Libre’s “Sonido Amazonico” and the Death Proof soundtrack.

Situation two: A night-time train ride

Where are you going, and why?
I’m going home to Midland. I’m 19 and I’ve just been busking for five hours in Fremantle. I’ve made plenty of coins and it’s time to sleep.

Is there anyone else in your cabin? If so, who? Do you chat to them?
There is a group of about twelve very intoxicated individuals. They spot my guitar and ask me to play them songs. I wager with them and eventually play to them until they get to their stop in exchange for about $43 in gold coins.

What do you listen to as you watch the lights pass by?
Twelve drunken buffoons singing the wrong lyrics along to every shitty cover I ever learnt how to play.

Situation three: In the bath

Are there bubbles? How’s the water temperature?
The temperature is fairly cold (it’s a really hot day outside) and there are no bubbles, I’m worried it might poison the fish.

Have you got company? What about food/beverages?
I have in the tub with me three koi, several goldfish and an axelotl. I am drinking very expensive champagne out of the bottle. I am not eating but I am feeding my little buddies. The fish food smells weird on my body.

What are you listening to as you lather up?
‘Loving You’ by Minnie Riperton.

Peter Bibby will be touring Australia next month. Be sure to catch him at one of the following dates:

Thurs 14th May // Newtown Social Club – Sydney
Fri 15th May // Northcote Social Club – Melbourne
Sat 16th May // The Ed Castle – Adelaide 
Thur 21st May // Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane
Sun 24th May // Mojo’s Bar – Fremantle 

Chloe Mayne


Interview by Chloe Mayne. Photograph courtesy of Tahlia Palmer.