Live Review: 360 at The Metro, Sydney

360 by Annastasia Robertson

Annastasia Robertson headed to Sydney’s Metro Theatre to catch acclaimed Australian rapper, 360, on his rescheduled tour:

This leg of the Retopia tour kicked off with Kale, a young rapper with an explosive energy who did well to get the small, early-bird crowd going in preparation for the big act, 360.

But just before we could see the man himself, Coin Banks took to the stage, providing yet another layer of raw Aussie rap to the night. He provided a level of engagement with the audience that resonated through his entire set. I’m talking literal engagement; he jumped off the stage and into the crowd.

When 360 placed his foot on that stage, the crowd let out a deafening roar, and the excitement was only just beginning. Opening with ‘Still Rap’, he alongside DJ Mat Cant began the hour-long set to a hyped-up, full crowd, and their cameras.

“When this chorus comes on, could you all just jump around like psychopaths?” 360 asked of his crowd, before kicking into ‘Run Alone’. Boy, did the crowd answer! The energy was hot and you couldn’t wipe the smile from 360’s face as he watched his fans bounce around to his track.

His setlist sat strongly in newest album Utopia, and included album favourites ‘Eddie Jones’, which 360 described as “grimey” and sing-along track ‘Live It Up’. During ‘Boys Like You’ and ‘Price of Fame’, the crowd took on the role of Gossling and was a chorus of voices accompanying the vocals of the man himself.

Mid-way through, the ‘old fans’ were provided with a treat in the form of ‘Shutterbug’, an older song from his mixtape.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting portion of the evening occurred during ‘Sixavelli’, where four young men rapped verses to the song on-stage as a result of winning a competition 360 held. The crowd was lapping up the novice rappers, and you could tell that 360 was impressed with his picks.

Like any good show, he closed on his most popular hit ‘Price of Fame’, much to the dismay of the crowd who begged for one more song. The lights flashed and 360 was back to perform ‘Killer’, leaving his fans in their own utopia.

The Retopia tour was originally set to begin in January this year, but in my opinion, it was well worth the wait. 360 is on-top of his game, and only showing signs of getting better.



Words and photo by Annastasia Robertson.



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