Review: Milk Music helps you connect

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So, last month I was invited to see Australia-based brother/sister two-piece Angus & Julia Stone perform in a church in Sydney. The event related to something called Milk Music. At the time, I had no idea what Milk Music was but Angus & Julia are lovely and seeing gigs in churches is always pretty cool. Plus, there was free booze. No-brainer, right?

Anyhoo, I have since learnt about Milk Music and figured I’d fill you in, because it’s pretty cool. Firstly, as far as I can gather, it has nothing to do with actual milk, so the lactose-intolerant amongst you can relax. What it is though, is a customisable digital radio streaming service, available for download on Samsung devices, which aims to bring mobile users closer to the music they love.

How? Well, Milk allows you to select a streaming experience based on your genre preferences with over 150 genre-based and curated stations, which are accessible through a well-designed interface. It’s basically a dial which you can spin through to jump between genres and stations. It connects you with new music based on what you already like. So you’ll find new favourites and old ones, with few repeats, and you can sync it all across your Samsung devices. Basically, it’s clever. It’s a bit like that film Her, only without Scarlett Johansson’s sexy voice (maybe that will be included in the next update).

level headphonesWhat else does Milk do? Well, you can create new personal stations, fine-tune the existing ones and customise the dial with up to nine music genres of your choice (I just blasted the One-Hit Wonders station and heard Ice Ice Baby, Centrefold and Don’t Worry, Be Happy in a row). If you search for an artist you like, Milk will build a new station around that artist, with similar music (there’s that ScarJo artificial intelligence shit going on again). I typed in “Nirvana” and, after Teen Spirit had finished, I was treated to Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun, Celebrity Skin by Hole and The Afghan Whigs. Not bad, ScarJo, not bad.

Incidentally, I’m listening to this grunge-fest on a pair of Samsung Level Headphones (pictured). They are THE BOMB. Why? Well, along with really crisp, clear sound, they are wireless, meaning you control the volume and play/pause the music just by touching the pad on the side of the headphones. This makes me feel rather like Lobot from The Empire Strikes Back, which is obviously a good thing.

Anyway, enough of this Star Wars talk (“Chewy, we’re home”). You should give Milk Music a road test yourself. I dunno about you, but considering how indecisive I am when it comes to what I should be listening to, I like the idea of my phone recommending music to me, Yeah science!

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Milk Music is free to download from GALAXY Apps or Google Play. With no log-in required, you can download the app and start listening to music straightaway. You can find out more about it here.

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Review by Bobby Townsend.