Video Premiere: Agnes J Walker & Damian K – Come Home

We’re excited to bring you a video premiere today. This little gem is for the debut single of songwriting duo, Agnes J Walker & Damian K. Come Home is a bit blues, a bit soul and a bit gospel and comes as the result of an unexpected collaboration.

Here’s what happened. Vocalist/guitarist Agnes J Walker chanced upon keyboardist Damian K at an open mic night and they started to play together as members of Agnes’ band, Agnes J Walker & the Cry Babies. The coming together of the pair led to a combination of ideas and, hey presto, the above single was created.

“We had the ability to be free when songwriting together from the very beginning, and that is sometimes quite difficult. For me, the song was a way to convey the messages of people who don’t have a voice to express themselves, but when they listen to this song, I hope that they can feel a sense of hope and relief for the future,” Agnes says.

Meanwhile, collaborator Damian K says the song is his way of accepting Straya as his new home, having moved from South Africa. “Breath, let go symbolises a feeling of being at peace with my decision to move to Australia. It’s hopeful, deep, and intense, which are all feelings that were real to me when moving to this country, and the beauty of this song is that, for me, it relates to a move, but it can be interpreted in so many ways.”

“Come Home” will be released 29th May 2015. Find out more on Facebook.