The Art + Oliver Heath = ace new video clip

Awesome Sydney-based band The Art just dropped their brand new video, which was directed/edited by Oliver Heath, who you may know as a contributor to this very site. Vocalist/guitarist Azaria Byrne tells us about the creation of the clip, about his longterm friendship with Oliver and about how one of them keeps trying to drown the other:

I met Oliver Heath eight years ago at a house party in a less gentrified Newtown. KJ and my first band ‘The Follow’ played in a hectic nine-room sharehouse known as The Avery. Oliver had only just started taking photos. Here’s one from that night we managed to dig up in the Myspace graveyard:


A lot has changed since the Newtown days; a few record labels and world tours have gone by. In the same period Oliver went from barely being able to take that shitty pic above to helming film clips, fashion shoots, and being sought out for his photo work. ‘Dead Inside’ isn’t the first clip Oliver has directed and edited for The Art, and it most certainly will not be the last (sorry bro we in this together now xx). It is however the first time he’s insisted on doing what ever the fuck he wanted, and this led us back to something much closer to the early spirit of the band. This whole period, new album almost out, new band member, new video, feels like a reconnect with where we come from.

Just as well it worked out. What he’d describe as something simple like singing in front of black somehow would become me half-drowned in a bathtub or standing in a rowboat in the ocean without oars. Torture looks good on camera! Anyway he kept assuring me that at least it was safer than riding a motorcycle. It was a pretty big task getting these kind of shots DIY style with crew mostly being just him and Fin. Myself and the band are really happy with the outcome even though it was a couple of mates driving around and shooting in a row boat and he was trying drown me in the ocean, but that’s a part if the fun 🙂 Did I mention he kept trying to drown me? HE KEPT TRYING TO DROWN ME. Anyway, being a songwriter, it’s sometimes hard to step outside of your own mind, so it’s good to have mates like Oliver and Stevie Knight (who produced ‘Dead Inside’ and the album, to be released later this year), who understand this band from an outsider’s perspective. In a way they probably understand THE ART more then us peeps in the band.

Hope you dig the video as much as we do.

xx Azaria Byrne

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