Mad Love exhibition comes to Sydney

mad love

Heads up! An ace new art exhibition, featuring a series of manga style illustrations by Chris Yee, is on its way to Sydney.

Part of The Japan Foundation Gallery’s Contemporary Art Mini Series, Mad Love explores the experience of growing up amidst the currents of mass media and Japanese pop culture. And the subjects depicted allude to a playful and obsessive outlook of heroes, idols and friendships as dictated by the outside world.

The series of illustrations pay homage to Japanese art by using calligraphy ink and incorporating a manga style. Sydney native Yee especially created the art works for The Japan Foundation, Sydney and incorporated a minimalist colour palette which is different from the vivid colours in his previous solo exhibitions.

The works depicted in Mad Love allude to a larger theme at the intersection of local and multicultural realities of growing up in Australia. “I want to bridge the gap between the experiences of Sydney suburban youth and growing up with global influences,”  Yee told us.

Yee will also lead an illustration workshop for children at The Japan Foundation, Sydney as part of this exhibition program.

Se sure to head along.We’ll be there. Here are the full deets…

Mad Love eFlyer