Review: The Casual Sexists – World of Noise

the casual sexists
The second single from Wrongtom’s Rongorongo label is another off-the-wall selection of crooked-pop featuring transatlantic couple E​d​ and V​arrick Zed aka T​he Casual Sexists.

Inspired by a mix of s​ynth­pop, d​ancehall,​ s​ex­-funk ​and P​C Music,​ they locked themselves away from the hell of real life with a menagerie of musical toys, broken drums and household items, emerging with three glorious tracks in advance of a long player.

“World Of Noise”​ (video below) kicks things off with Ed adopting a rap­-not-­rap lilt over this electro­dub­chugger, telling a tale of how he got from the banks of the River Exe in Devon, through punky ratbag shenanigans in South London, to Casual Sexing in the backstreets of Flatbush, NY.

“Dub Of Noise” sees Wrongtom push his dub tendencies to the extreme with feedback galore on this fantastic version.

“Vacation” sees Varrick take the lead over a slice of electronic escapology, bleeping and blooping its way into the murky depths of your heart.

​”Tentacles of Dub” finishes off this output with a smattering of echo and reverb.

The single is out now on Rongorongo and limited edition CD-R and Cassette tape from Rough Trade.



Review by 25ThC