Video Premiere: Plastic Birds, In Time

It’s no secret that we here at like to romp around in the psychedelic sonic swamp. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the latest shard in our collection of gems; the new single from Sydneysiders, Plastic Birds.

The band themselves retain a mysterious sheen, and it rubs off on the smeared edges of the music they concoct. ‘In Time’, the single in question, is a swooping, gentle ebb of a track with vocals that wash over like a wave. ‘It still means something to me lyrically, even though it’s so basic,’ says the song’s creator. It’s bright, shimmery psych-pop that is just at home barefoot at the beach as it curled up in the loungeroom, daydreaming away winter’s approach.

The accompanying video takes us on a trip through San Francisco and its surrounds, the milling of the streets and the grandiose Golden Gate Bridge giving way to a slightly shaky walk through the treelines and scrub, the whole thing melting away to a bubblepot of colour reverse and double vision.

‘In Time’ is an excellent taste of things to come from Plastic Birds. We’ve got shiny tabs pinned on these talented flying fowl!

You can purchase ‘In Time’ on iTunes and keep up with Plastic Birds on theirĀ Soundcloud page.