Premiere: Paws Off feat: Sheena Wilbow

We’re excited to premiere the new video from Sydney producer Paws Off and vocalist Sheena Wilbow today. Not only that, but we’re introducing a new word into your vocabulary. Infactuated is the song’s title. No, that’s not a typo. That’s what the song is, in fact, called.

“It’s all about the passion to get… infactuated,” Paws Off told us, which doesn’t really help us to differentiate between being infactuated and infatuated, but with a track as banging as this, we’re not really interested in semantics, to be honest.

The vocals are provided by the very talented Sheena Wilbow, an established singer who featured on X-Factor Australia in 2011.

If you haven’t heard of Paws Off, then here’s the history lesson. He has been generating underground global interest and traction across a few genres including the EDM scene of late. He has also collaborated with artists and produced tracks featuring break-out vocalists such as Lokka Vox. Three of his tracks have been remixed by renowned international producers and DJs, including Calgar C and Venice.

“Infactuated” by Paws Off featuring Sheena Wilbow will be released 12th June 2015. Hear more from Paws Off on Soundcloud