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Living in the suburbs has numerous advantages. It’s quiet, rent is (still heartbreakingly extortionate but a little) cheaper than in the city, meaning you can afford somewhere that fits all your stuff in it and still has floor space. The streets are pretty and tree-lined and you kinda feel part of a community. However, the downsides are there too. Like how every flipping weekend there is trackwork and you have to get a bus if you want to get anywhere. Are there three more depressing words than Rail Replacement Bus? And how, unlike in the city, you can’t just take the two-minute walk to the supermarket in your “at home” clothes if you run out of groceries. No, you have to plan meals ahead or embark on an arduous journey to the nearest shop. Who does that? Not us, that’s who.

So we say a hearty “hello” to HelloFresh, who are here to help us out. What’s HelloFresh? Well, launching in Sydney in 2012, the service provides thousands of Australian households with a weekly delivery of delicious recipes and beautifully fresh ingredients, so they can easily prepare a value-for-money, nutritious meal in just 30 minutes or less.

They just sent us a box of veggie awesomeness along with a recipe book. We’re having Roast Vegatable Quinoa tonight. For real. Tonight is usually Mi Goreng night. The recipes are super easy to follow, so if, like us, you can’t cook for shit, you can be walked through the process like the simpleton you are.

Yeah, so it’s perfect for time-poor singles, couples, families and lazy arses like us. Also, it’s great if you’re simply looking for some culinary inspiration.

Another good thing about HelloFresh is that it won’t break the bank. With meal plans for either three or five nights of the week and tailored for households of either two, four or six people, the average cost per person per meal works out at just under ten bones including delivery. Not bad when you consider we ate the SMALLEST PANCAKES IN THE WORLD in a local cafe this morning and were charged $13 each for the, ahem, privilege.

There’s a Hello Fresh Classic Box, which includes at least two meat-based recipes and also a vegetarian service. There are also no contracts; you can cancel your subscription at any time, pause it if you are going on holiday, or double the volume if mates are coming to stay for the week.

HelloFresh is now available in the following areas and expect more to follow in good time: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Geelong, Canberra, Adelaide.

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Words by Bobby Townsend.