Premiere: Tom Stephens – What Lies in the Difference

tom stephens

It should be no surprise that we here at love to be first in line when a piece of sonic goodness tumbles in our direction; it’s with this pleasure in tow that we introduce you to the latest single from Sydneysider and folk-rock troubadour Tom Stephens.

‘What Lies In The Difference’ sees Stephens swap the gentle acoustic landscapes of 2014 release Embers – which was met with critical acclaim – for a more robust and jagged depiction of city streets and the neon decorations that adorn them. The change comes after a year of head-down sonic exploration and as a reflection of Sydney’s simultaneous intensity and (sometime) softness.

The track is clean and simple, buffed smooth about the edges like washed-up glass; the lyrics bring weight, drawing upon themes of gluttony and consumerism while pushing beyond to suggest hope in difference. It serves as a preliminary taste of Stephens’ debut album, which will take flight later in the year.

Listen to ‘What Lies In The Difference’ below.

Like what you’re hearing and want to catch Stephens on stage? He’ll be touring a few lucky corners of Australia to celebrate the release of the track: