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To continue our Label of Love series, Chloe Mayne chats to the creatures behind independent record label Breathlessness:

First of all, would you like to introduce your label?
Breathlessness is a close-knit circle of friends who grew up together in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.
We see the label as a big collaboration effort with each artist and member playing in and recording with each others projects. For us, Breathlessness is an umbrella label that all our works sit under so we have the freedom and fluidity to do whatever we want with it.

How did you get started out with this adventure? Why did you decide to start an independent record label?
Half of us lived on the same street and went to the same high school – We played in each others bands, jammed together and wrote tunes. In 2012 Zac (splendidid) and I (Jordan/VULPIX) started doing home recordings and got really inspired by each others demos. Both of our EP’s were recorded in this stage with two channel interfaces and an SM57. We wanted to release the EP’s in a way that reflected our love for Lo-Fi recordings and DIY art.

Why does your label bear this name, is there a tale behind the choice?
Zac chose this name because it sounded cool, He’s really in to long words that tie your tongue up in a knot – e.g. Splendidid. The meaning behind the word Breathlessness doesn’t really have anything to with the labels ethos. Apart from our poor singing techniques.

What was the first creation that your label released?
‘SWARMS’ by VULPIX was the first release from Breathlessness. Give it a suss here.

Is there a project you’re involved in at the moment that particularly excites you?
We are super keen for our upcoming releases. We have four more coming out this year and few next year. We have a debut release coming from Hobsons Bay Coast Guard, Splendidid’s first LP is coming out in a month or so and Dartanian will be releasing his debut release later this year as well. We have a big rest of the year ahead of us and that’s what excites us most!

What are you looking for, or what grabs you, when you decide to work alongside/support an artist/band?
Authenticity. That’s the thing that comes through loudest and strongest for us.

What’s your preferred method of release (CD, vinyl, cassette, digital, zine, other) and why?
Up until now we have only been able to afford cassettes. We are as poor as shite. Our first method is always digital releases, because that’s free. We also want our music to be easily accessible and as communal as possible. Some releases later down the line will be on vinyl. (And CD. We’re bringin’ them back. CD is the new vinyl.)

Could you tell us about some of the more challenging or unexpected aspects of starting and running a label, from your experience?
For us, having a lot of members all playing in the same bands makes it a bit of a challenge at times. That and balancing full-time work with label duties. That whole ‘real life’ thing that grown-ups do, that sucks too. We also have two members that are on tour in Europe with another band right now and we miss them.

What is it that you love/enjoy the most about managing your own independent label?
We love being able to do what ever the hell we want.
We love that we feel like it’s our own baby.
We love that the more put into it the more we get to watch it grow.

Is there any advice that you’d give to somebody hoping to go down a similar path?
I’ll try and steer clear of cliches like “follow your dreams, kid” or “stay tru 2 yrslf” or some crap like that. Alternatively, the thing that inspired the Breathlessness Family to begin was this: Be surrounded by like-minded people that push you creatively to achieve a common goal.

Who’s playing at your upcoming ‘Label of Love’ gig and what can you tell us about them?
We have pysch-machines Sun Bazel, who will fill your mind with fuzzy riffs and mad bass grooves
and also Dream-Pop extraordinaires, Splendidid who will whisk you off to a far-away land with his jazzy chords and delayed arpeggios.

The Breathlessness gig on July 5 comprises the second segment of the Label of Love series, which is happening at the Shadow Electric Bandroom in Abbotsford. Grab your ticket and find more info about the Breathlessness show here

Tickets to all of the below are on sale now. Stay tuned for more independent goodness!

Saturday 4th July – Aarght Records
Sunday 5th July – Breathlessness & Wigwam Records
Thursday 9th July – Catch Release Records
Friday 10th July – Big Village & Rawthentic Records
Saturday 11th July – Rice Is Nice
Sunday 12th July – Remote Control Records
Thursday 16th July – Poison City Records
Saturday 18th July – HopeStreet Records
Sunday 19th July – Butters Sessions
Saturday 25th July – Lost and Lonesome Recording Co
Saturday 1st August – Bedroom Suck Records

Chloe Mayne


Interview by Chloe Mayne.