Love’s voice is louder than hate. #lovewins

love wins

The colours of the rainbow brightened our Facebook newsfeeds last week as users updated their profile pictures in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of marriage equality. Same-sex couples can now tie the knot and have their marriage legally recognised across all states. History was made, friends. This followed Ireland’s legislation of same-sex marriage in May earlier this year.

Equality was making leaps and bounds and the world was celebrating – for the most part anyway. As I scrolled through my newsfeed, I noticed amidst the celebratory fervour the haters were trying to gatecrash the party.

Anti gay marriage campaigns simultaneously launched on social media and a debate quickly ensued. Religious doctrine dictated one camp and human rights guided another. There was talk of disowning gay children and the ever favourite, condemnation to hell. It was disappointing to say the least because while freedom of speech allows us to express our views, there was a celebration occurring, a battle had already been won. Why rain on the parade?

I was not dismayed for too long though. While the hateful and vindictive comments were unrelenting there was a faction gaining far more ground. Love.

Love was at the heart of this historic time. Although the haters made their presence known, love’s voice was louder. There were countless pictures of people embracing, throwing their arms up in victory and crying happy tears. It was thrilling to witness such joy and excitement. Politicos and big corporations like Target, Absolut and Nike abandoned diplomacy and impartiality, and celebrated the victory with posts on twitter about love and freedom. And of course a hashtag was born, branding the occasion with #lovewins. The buzz was electrifying.

I await now to see if Australia will be next. It has been decided that a conscience vote will take place in parliament in August this year. Will love win again?



Words by Amanda Chebatte