Getting to Know Chris Wyse of Owl


Chris Wyse, bassist in the Ace Frehley Band and former bassist in The Cult, tells about his band, Owl, whose new longplayer, “Things You Can’t See”, is out this month:

Owl are drummer Dan Dinsmore, guitarist Jason Achilles Mezilis and myself (Chris Wyse). We’re an alternative hard rock power trio.

‘Things You Can’t See’ is the third Owl release that really captures our live bombastic energy with some really unique song craft and chops.

Aside from music, I travel for a living, really. Most of my time is on a tour bus or a plane, so the best thing to do is take in some of the local food and culture and skip the Starbucks. I find food, art and architecture the most interesting on the road.

I don’t have a home right now. I realized that I am on the go all year with the Ace Frehley Band and with Owl, so I put some stuff in storage and gave most of my things away. I just kept some important sentimental pieces and, of course, my basses and gear. NY and LA are where I feel at home.

My favorite passtime is meeting friends in nice restaurants and escaping with some nice wine and cheeses.

I’m currently listening to some old school jazz like Stanley Clarke and one of the finest upright bassists, Francois Rabbath. Mostly avante garde style players. It’s really hard to find people with guts and style these days, and these two gentlemen are the best.

I’ll never say never! After all I have experienced in the music biz with some of the biggest artists of all time and having the platform for Owl, nothing surprises me. Expect the best not the worst!

It might surprise people to learn that Mike Clink (who produced GNR’s Appetite For Destruction) was instrumental in getting the ball rolling for Owl because he re-introduced me to my childhood friend Dan Dinsmore. Dan and I grew up in the Saratoga area of upstate New York but lost touch when I moved out to LA. I was recording with Camp Freddy (Dave Navarro’s all-star group) in LA while Mike Clink was working with one of Dan’s past bands on the other side of the country. Mike picked up the phone on a recording break and said something like, “You’ll never guess who I know back in NY… Dan Dinsmore! What the hell is in the water in Saratoga? All you guys are insane musicians!” That conversation led to Dan and I talking again, which led to the formation of Owl. Matt Sorum (GNR, Velvet Revolver) heard Owl’s demos, dug them and made us a great offer to record at his studio. That’s where Owl recorded our debut album. Our second, and forthcoming third album, Things You Can’t See, were recorded at Dan’s Overit Studios in Albany, which is an amazing old Catholic church renovated into a media company and studio with a great vibe.

Keep up to date with Owl at their website. “Things You Can’t See” is due out on July 28th.

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.