Learning to skate on the Penny Longboard

Somethingyousaid.com’s Melissa Barrass (pictured, above) ditched work on Friday and kept the good times rolling with the new 36” Penny Longboard…

Ahhh Friday, the glorious last day of the week. The day where you spend 90% of your time at work staring at a wall partition or cross eyed at a spread sheet planning the weekend ahead. Like most normal people, I could have done that. But unlike most normal people, I agreed to work all weekend at my casual job therefore slashing all plans and dreams by say… 100%?

That commitment to the #nolyf life warrants a treat. So when editor Bobby approached the SYS cohort with an invitation to the launch of the gorgeous new 36” Penny Longboard (which involved a skate lesson on our to‐take­‐home board), all my sk8r gurl dreams came true at once. So ahem, allow me to explain how the day unfolded in the most mature form in which a “writer” can recount…

She wuz a sk8r gurl. She said see ya l8r werk. I’m heading to a skateboard launch. She couldn’t sk8 before, now she’s sk8in out the door on her 36” Penny Longboard.

Okay, now that cringe-‐fest is over I can totally tell you what actually happened at the Media Launch that was held at the very fitting Standard Bowl in Sydney. After choosing our boards from over six colour­‐ways (look out for the sweet pastel combo, and the glow­‐in‐the‐dark deck/black wheel combo), Nigel and his assistant from Totem Skateboarding gave us the best beginners treatment totally judgement‐free. I grew up with cousins and friends who always had a backyard filled with boards, but almost every encounter with one ended in a trip to the hospital, so my talents on a skateboard prior to Friday began and ended at sitting on a board and pushing with my feet. Step by step, the budding skaters were slowly edged into trying something new before the limbo pole was brought in, encouraging skaters to bend and find their centre of gravity and balance. Naturally a fierce competitor, I was super keen to take on the challenge. I foiled my first attempt by not ducking my melon‐sized helmet head enough. I aced my second attempt, and it was at that moment I realised that this was too much fun. In fact, for a moment I completely forgot that I ditched the 9­‐5 for a Longboard launch, and I was falling in love with the challenge of bettering my technique again and again. I was completely lost in this fun world of learning to skate and it was such an exciting experience. On top of that, Rebecca at Magnum PR kept the rookies hydrated and fed – legend!

With a reformulated and reinforced secret plastic formula for extra strength, large wheels and a long wheel base, the Penny Longboard allows for a smooth, stable and relaxing ride, offering the perfect way to #escapethere #skatethere, wherever and whenever that may be. Its pintail shape is uniquely designed to feature a half inch camber through the length of the deck, which works in collaboration with the board’s natural flex, inbuilt riser pads and side to side concave, to enhance ride­‐ability.

Allowing you to experience the freedom and fun that Penny is renowned for, the new Longboard is perfect for cruising along the beach, feeling the wind on your face as you coast downhill or simply getting to where you need to be. It’s the ideal board for every skill level, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whoever or wherever you are.

I now have the chance to block out reality and replace it with the exhilarating feeling of riding my brand new cruisy 36” Penny Longboard. And whilst I feel totally unworthy to have such beautiful board, I can assure that this is the start of something really good. Bring on the sk8 d8s with m8s. We also left with a Penny backpack, Penny panel cap and the quality SOL REPUBLIC PUNK wireless speaker that is currently belting out some crispy clean tunes as I write this. Thanks Penny! Keep the good times rolling!

To celebrate the launch of the new Longboard, Penny Skateboards wants everyone to have the chance to escape the pressures of everyday life on a Penny. Using the hashtags #escapethere #skatethere, fans of the brand have the opportunity to share their ultimate escape through social media, for the chance to win a $10,000 travel voucher to make their getaway dreams come true. The competition kicks off in August.

The new Penny Skateboards Longboard collection is available with an RRP of AUD $209.99 now at www.pennyskateboards.com/au and from 3rd August 2015 in your local surf and skate shop.

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melissa barrass


Words and pictures by Melissa Barrass.