Perhaps – Prison, by Rose Ashton

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While watching yet another movie about people in prison, Sydney artist and Something You Said contributor Rose Ashton felt moved to pen some words about imprisonment, about the plight of refugees, about their incarceration and about the refusal to honour their rights:

Perhaps – Prison

The glimmer of ideas and ideals holds us back.
Striving for money
Driven by gold
By a rock and a small sheet of paper we are slaves to it.
It is prison.
We are all incarcerated.

Our world is divided by time.  Guided by suggestions taken too seriously.
By beliefs and harsh morals, uncompassionate measures of judgements, and segregation.

Can we turn the devils into the advocates by trying to be fair, to be forgiving, and to be reasonable?

Perhaps to love without aisles of discriminations first would work better.

Rehabilitation and not punishment.

Help instead of hurt. Penetrating belief that deep down, we are not only good but we are also bad.

Integrity for the truth, knowing that it hurts – and going from there.

We are all stardust. We are all made up of the same stuff.
Let us be kinder.
Let our Governments be kinder to us – rid of corruption and lies, and just Govern humanely.

This is getting out of control.
Captivity is not the answer on any level.
Human or Animal.
It doesn’t work.

As you sit in your home surrounded by your freedoms, there are so many innocent Men, Women, Children and Animals who are depraved of everything you have except your breath – for no good reason.

There is no humane way to keep people apart – we are so much better together.
It’s the only solution.
Bound by that which we have no fucking idea about.
Let’s stick together.

Prisoners of our own selves.
Alone but always surrounded.

rose ashton


Words by Rose Ashton. Artwork by Rose Ashton and Lister.