Sunglasses to suit your face shape

Derek Cardigan 7040-dark tortoise - Round $119You know how sunglasses always look fabulous when other people wear them but on your weirdly-shaped head, they make you look like a drug dealer/sex offender? Well it’s all due to your face shape. So, to stop you looking so rubbish,’s Optical Dispenser, Stefan Mayer, has some tips on how to select the perfect pair of sunnies to fit your face shape. As a general rule sunglass shapes go the opposite direction of face shape to even out angles & contours (the attached examples are for men).

These suit people with: Square & Oval face shapes
People with round faces should avoid these.

These suit people with oval and round faces
People with square and heart shapes should avoid these.

Alexander Mcqueen 4195s black tortoise - Oversized $279

These suit people with square & oval faces & heart face shapes.
People with round faces should avoid this shape.

ray-ban-3025-l2823-aviator $189

These suit people with heart shaped faces.
Should be proportional to the size of shape. Round face shapes should avoid going too small.

Carrera 18s 0010-palladium - Shield $79

These suit people with square and heart shaped faces.
People with oval face shapes should these shapes.

hardy-905s-brown-haze $89 - oval

These suit people of all face shapes depending on the shapes of the sunglasses, provided you go opposite to your face shape. Rimless frames exaggerate oblongs length and width.

Derek Cardigan 7011 brown-tortoiseshell - rimless $119

These suit people with round faces.
People with square faces should avoid these.

Gucci-4215s shiny-black-crystal-62 - Recangle $179

These suit people with pear and oval face shapes.
People with heart face shapes should avoid these.

Derek Cardigan 7023-olive - Wayfarer $109

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