Iris review and ticket giveaway

What do you get when you pair an 87-year-old documentarian with a sharp-witted, flamboyantly attired 93-year-old? The answer is Iris, a documentary made by Albert Maysles about the legendary Iris Apfel. And the exciting news for you is that, in conjunction with our mates at Madman Entertainment, we have FIVE DOUBLE PASSES to GIVE AWAY to our Australia-based readers…

Iris follows the style icon in her day-to-day life, haggling at markets, appearing on TV, at home with her husband. It also dips back into her history as a larger-than-life character within the New York fashion scene. Her philosophies on life match her clothes: free spirited, enthusiastic, individual, fun loving, experimental.

There are many funny moments – she is a hilarious woman – and the way she creates stunning ensembles out of seemingly entirely incongruous items is incredible, yet the film is at its best when it peels back the layers. It is the touching exchanges between herself and her husband, the times she almost opens up about her health concerns, the peeks into her home-life with her cuddly toys that are the most interesting.

The film makes a good companion piece for the wonderful Bill Cunningham New York (Cunningham actually makes a couple of brief appearances here). While it isn’t quite as heart-warming or accessible as the Cunningham documentary, there is certainly enough here to entertain fashion lovers, to inspire individuality and to persuade you to pursue your passion regardless of your age.

The film opens in selected cinemas in Melbourne on August 20th and in other states on August 13th and we’re giving away five double passes to our Australia-based readers. To stand a chance of winning, just answer a simple question. Click the below button or follow this link if you can’t see said button.

Good luck everyone!

bobby townsend


Review by Bobby Townsend.