Backyard Cinema has all aspects covered

Backyard Cinema in Camden

Kaya Strehler takes in a different kind of movie experience:

What began as a personal revolt against shitty cinema food and underwhelmingly average ambience in commercial cinemas has now grown into a reputable business and all around fun time in the centre of Camden.

Backyard Cinema is located in the busy thoroughfare of the Camden Market Place. Grills of assorted meats, hot plates of any noodles imaginable and waffles the size of my head were spotted. While the main stage hosts up to 320 seats and more mainstream blockbuster films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Dirty Dancing and Mad Max, tonight I was heading to the more intimate setting of the Cuban Screen. Nestled a little further in the max of street food vendors is an opening adorned with colourful hangings and beach chairs. There is still a bar in sight and a BBQ grilling.

They have all aspects covered.

Backyard cinemaThe Cuban Screen hosts the more ‘indie’ films that may not lure in the numbers but considering the amount of ‘Sold Out’ signs of numerous nights, is just as successful. Tonight was 2013 critically acclaimed Frances Ha. Filmed digitally in black and white as an homage to Woody Allen’s Manhattan, Francis Ha is the collaborative work of Noah Baumbach (who co-wrote The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) and Greta Gerwig (No Strings Attached and Arthur).

The movie was great and actually hit home as I found my ‘spirit animal’ in the title character Frances, the 27-year-old socially awkward individual who is having a hard time getting her shit together. Beautifully filmed, excellent character portrayal and killer soundtrack feating Hot Chocolate.

Being only about three years old and already obtaining the success it has, such as numerous pre sold-
out shows, only attests to the growing achievements Backyard Cinema is claiming. From its humble beginnings in Dominic Davies’ backyard to filling two neighbouring screens, Backyard Cinema only have more kickass ideas planned including floating a bunch of people out on a pontoon for a film night.

My film tips would include Mad Max (26/8) and Teen Wolf (3/9)at the Main Stage, and All This Mayhem (2/9) and Submarine (4/9) at the Cuban Screen. But you gotta act fast, the tickets are already selling out like crazy.

If you would like to ignore my recommendations and see what else they have playing, as well as to purchase tickets check the full website here:

kaya strehler


Review by Kaya Strehler.