Interview: Getting to Know Woan Ni

Getting to Know Woan Ni

Up-n-coming Sydney-based model Woan Ni tells us about satisfying her obsessions: 

I am on the train heading to a few castings. Sunny days.

Modelling is a job, where the rewards and risks have an exponential relationship but that’s what makes it exciting/interesting. It’s also one of the few professions where women are better paid than men. Also, having “work” is something to be celebrated and that’s not something that applies to every job.

woan niAside from modelling I’ve started vlogging on Youtube which is awesome because it lets me visually share my experiences with my family and friends. It’s very effective because some things just can’t be described. I’m editing the David Jones BTS after this, hopefully.

Home is called Wooi Residence! That’s literally what my home’s called. My parents run their own architecture firm in Malaysia and they’ve very successfully constructed an amazing bubble of a home. Nothing makes me happier than being in that house. One month before it was completely constructed, my parents brought us there with a bucket of KFC and me and my brothers would race across the sharply-tiled unfilled pool, exhausted I fell asleep in my soon-to-be room with the mattress still wrapped in plastic.

I spend too much time obsessing. I’ve obsessed over false lashes, platform shoes, Skins, reading Natsuo Kirino (Out, Grotesque, Real World and Goddess Chronicles), Hana Yori Dango, perfume collecting, black lipstick, Netflix series surfing, prostitutes, pastels and now it’s knitting beanies, colouring and leather. I’ve knitted two beanies and I’ve got two more to go, bought a handful of Lyra pencils to go with my SECRET JAPAN colouring book and am getting my hands on Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather this weekend, either that or I’m buying a few leather pelts to make a long coat/jacket, I’m still deciding. I’m very efficient when it comes to satisfying my obsessions but that leaves me to procrastinate everything else. Hahaha.

woan ni interview

I’m currently listening to All These Things I’ve Done by The Killers. But in a broader respect I’ve been going through BBC Documentary podcasts. They’re free and certainly makes me feel global.

It might surprise people to learn that my eyes register different tones. My left sees a cooler tone compared to my right which sees a warmer tone. Also, I got myself to Silver II on League of Legends but my good friend, Chris boosted it and is kindly keeping the account at Gold III/IV.

Woan Ni by Jedd Cooney for Oyster

In the future I WILL buy an apartment in the city with a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Sydney’s harbour with good morning light. I also aim to buy my younger brother a Tom Ford suit for his university graduation. Also maybe pay off all my parent’s debts and maybe throw in a first class trip across the world. It’ll happen 🙂

Woan Ni is repsresented by Vivien’s Model Management. You can keep up to date with her on Instagram

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.