Review and photos: Miami Horror in Sydney

Miami Horror

We sent reviewer Annastasia Robertson and photographer Joel Anderson to check out Miami Horror’s headline show at Sydney’s Metro Theatre:

The Miami Horror boys are on the home stretch of a massive tour, which began in North America in late May following the release of their latest album, All Possible Futures. Giving 200 per cent effort all evening, the Sydney show was an absolute killer performance.

Supporting the tour was teenage Brisbane sweetheart, JOY. This is the second time I have seen this talented young lady, and her vocals still haunt my dreams. The entire crowd was engrossed in each performance, drawn into the embrace of her unique and impressive vocals. However, the intervals between songs are a little clunky, resulting in a momentary disengagement.


Looking like he’d just left his 9-5 office job, producer Young Franco exploded the theatre with some classic anthems and bangers.

Including some serious one-armed dance moves, the crowd was pumped and ready for the main event to take the stage.


Finally, Miami Horror had arrived much to the excitement of every single person, except for the couple in front of me who decided gigs are the perfect place to have their make-out session.

Rocking a kind of 70s psychedelic rock look that oozed effortless cool, the boys opened with ‘American Dream’.

Each moment of the evening was filled with pure entertainment, with vocalists Josh Moriarty and Aaron Shanahan showing off their parkour skills by climbing on the bass drum, amps, stair railings and then casually walking back to the stage through the crowd… guitars still in tow.

_DSC6346 _DSC6274

Running mainly through the new record, insane amounts of effort and energy were put into every syllable and every beat. Highlights included ‘Real Slow’, Cellophane, ‘Love Like Mine’, sung by the one and only, Cleopold, as well as ‘Wild Motion’.

Showing off their versatility, ‘Who is Gonna Save Us’, slowed us all right down, and gave a chance to catch your breath from the constant hype which preceded.

The set included Miami Horror classic favourites ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Holidays’, which got everyone dancing and grooving, the evening came to an end with ‘Forever Ever?’.

_DSC6088 _DSC6232

Maintaining that piercing excitement, and pure psychedelic calamity would seemingly be quite strenuous, however the boys proved their true dedication and ability to produce a well-structured, seamless and effortless performance that was a cracker from start to finish.

10/10 all round, and props to Josh for his parting words: “Don’t punch anyone”.


joel anderson


Review by Annastasia Robertson. Photos by Joel Anderson. We’ll be posting more photos from the gig on Facebook soon. Follow us to see them.