Pop Up Screens… here for Summer

pop up screens

Fancy watching Ghostbusters, The Shawshank Redemption, Grease, The Shining or Dirty Dancing under the stars in some of London’s most beautiful settings? Now’s your chance:

Huddled under the warmth of those you hold most dear is a cathartic, almost ritualistic, tradition many of us know, a tradition that brings many of us delight and has the ability to fill us with wonder.

Sitting in the park at night, with the twinkle of fairy lights accompanying a secession of images projected on an outdoor screen, there is an air of mystery when it comes to attending an outdoor cinema screening.

Perhaps it is the hum of excitement from likeminded cinephiles or the fact that you’re watching with eager anticipation as to how the person in front of you will react, film has always been a collective, shared experience many of us have grown to know.

This year, Pop Up is back with a wonderful selection of summer Screenings situated at nine of London’s most idyllic settings including Greenwich Peninsula, Bishop Park in Fulham and Eltham’s Tudor Barn.

If you haven’t heard of Pop Up then you’re in for a treat. Set under the backdrop of the great outdoors, Pop Up brings an array of films to celebrate summer’s delightful presence through a diverse range of screenings inviting you to celebrate film’s uncanny ability to unify.

Pop Up are also rewarding regular filmgoers with a free screening to any of their films showing throughout summer for every ten films seen.

Tickets cost £10 for single screenings, less than the cost of an average trip to your multiplex, or £20 for three nights if you want to fill your weekend with a wonderful array of specially selected films.

If you happen to know any elderly couple looking to go on a date night (simply adorable) or any young families looking for some fun activites to do this summer, tell them to visit a Pop Up screening as tickets cost only £6 for anyone under the age of 10 or over 65.

OR If you’re like me and enjoy the company of yourself and food during a screening, you can get a little fancy this year when attending a Pop Up screening with gourmet burgers from Harrods and a delightful beverage to wet your whistle if you so please.

Between morsels of food or sips of your drink, if you may find yourself humming to the tune of ‘You’re the One That Want’ from Grease or find yourself noticeably in stiches upon watching a screening of Anchorman, don’t fret. It doesn’t matter if you look like a goose because there’ll be other attendees doing the same.

Simply offer them your blanket, flash them a smile, and begin a conversation with them as you plan a somewhat well coordinated reenactment of the ‘The Circle of Life’ during a screening of the Lion King.

For summer’s presence calls for a celebration as Pop Up’s summer programme will make you feel like the pride of outdoor filmgoers everywhere.

For more info and to see the full programme (which runs until the end of September), go here: http://www.popupscreens.co.uk/



Words by Addy Fong