Soap Nuts are here to clean your jeans

Soap Nuts

Dutch-based denim brand, Denham, has recently unveiled a bespoke line of intriguing/naughty sounding “Soap Nuts” which are launching in Australia this September. Fear not though, these nuts are nothing saucy, but rather they are hear to clean your grubby jeans. Interested? We are. Here’s the scoop…

Replacing normal detergents, the Denham Soap Nuts are an organic and natural alternative to launder jeans, made from a mixture of fruits and saponin, that turns into a soapy substance when dissolved in water.

This soapy substance has remarkable detergent properties, easily replacing normal detergents by removing dirt and dissolving oils from your denims. Neat, huh?

Denham also have the Denham Service Co. located within the flagship Denham Store at The Rocks in Sydney.

“We offer a service repair centre to our customers. We believe in longevity of our garments which is supported by the quality of our products , fabrics and after care service,” they told us.

The services available at The Rocks store include repairs and alterations such as, Hand Wash Service, Chain Stitch Hem Service, Knee Repair Service, Alteration Service, Custom Label Service and Custom Metal Service.

You can find them on George Street in The Rocks in Sydney.