Little May and their #ARTFORTHECOMPANY

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As we walked up the stairs to Little May’s #ARTFORTHECOMPANY curated exhibition and listening preview, we were greeted by the big warm smile of Annie Hamilton (guitarist of Little May). Annie is the mastermind behind the band’s artwork and the specially curated exhibition that was held at Goodspace at the Lord Gladstone in Chippendale, Sydney.

Featuring 11 of the band’s favourite local artists such as: ANTWERPEN, EARS, EMILY ELLIS, FURRY LITTLE PEACH, GEORGIA HILL, KAREENA ZEREFOS, LUSCHIA PORTER, MCLEAN STEPHENSON, MULGA, PRUE STENT AND HONEY LONG AND SERPENT AND THE SWAN, the event was unsurprisingly packed to the rafters with supporters, friends and family.

Eleven artworks spread across the gallery space, each a response to a particular song on the upcoming album For The Company, which will be released internationally on October 9. It was rather difficult to get around to each artwork and song preview. When you could manage to find a free headset to listen and observe the accompanying artwork and lyrics, the surrounding conversations, gallery rap music and downstairs members draw embattled with the delightfully soft harmonies Little May are so known for.

Somehow when I got to the track ‘Oh My My’, the exterior sounds fell silent to what was playing through the headset and I feel like For The Company will have some masterpieces to follow on from their first EP release. It was a delight to catch up with past uni friends Emily Ellis and Luschia Porter who were exhibiting. Armed with my trusty instant camera, nothing beats the magic of a polaroid in such a friendly environment. I managed to get a snap of good friends Emily Ellis and Little May’s Annie in front of Emily’s detailed organic illustration.

The band is set to tour Europe and US over the coming months – all the best girls!

You can see them at the following venues in the UK: 

Tuesday 6th Oct, Bush Hall, London
Thursday 8th Oct, Gulliver’s, Manchester
Saturday 10th Oct, Brudnell Social Club, 
Sunday 11th Oct, King Tut’s, Glasgow

For European and US dates, head to Little May’s website.

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Review by Melissa Barrass.