How Tinder Can Help You Land Your Dream Job


Rhosian Woolridge explains how those excruciating Tinder dates can be to your advantage when you next have a job interview:

There are two things about being in your 20s that scare the shit out of everyone. The first is getting a real job. What does that even mean?! The second is dating. Once again, what does that even mean?!

Luckily, Tinder can help you out with part 2 of the equation. Only two years after its launch, the app has 50 million users worldwide and to be honest, I get it. It’s quick, easy and effective. To those who spend their Saturday nights swiping – there’s no shame in your game. You do your thing.

However, I’ve been on three Tinder dates and can confidently say that if you’re looking for luuurve, you’ve got the wrong street number. Actually, you haven’t just got the wrong street number; you’ve got a whole different area code. That cute boy who took you out for pizza won’t call you back. Or he will call you, but it will be incessantly and for three weeks. But even with pitfalls and boys who only want booty calls, Tinder is great. It’s great because it can actually help out with part 1 of the equation – getting a real job. If I’ve gained anything from Tinder, apart from a good story and a free beer, it’s the skill I’ve always wanted. Being able to nail an interview. Stay with me.

Interviewing and dating both require vulnerability. You learn to put yourself out there. You get to put your imperfections to bed for a moment, and be totally awesome, smart, funny, and capable. They’re both scary, awkward and exhausting in their own right, but they can also be exciting, challenging and fulfilling. Don’t believe me? Here’s a rundown of the three Tinder dates I’ve been on, and how they’ve helped me become a real functioning adult who can do things.

Date #1
Date #1 and I both work in a bookstore, and we both have the same favourite book. Fate. Destiny. We Both Like Burritos, right? Wrong. He was the type of guy who spends way too much time doing his hair in the morning. He was also the type of guy who liked to speak about how much smarter he was than everyone else that ever existed. Ugh. To his merit, he was SUPER intelligent and that made me feel intimidated. He never called me back. What did I learn? I am intelligent, and I can hold a killer conversation even when I’m way out of my depth. Fake it til you make it, people.

Date #2
I think this guy had Aspergers? In the two hours we spent together, I can count the number of words he said on one of my hands. You haven’t experienced awkward until you’ve met this man. It was a shame because he was cute, smart and endearing over text. That’s love in the time of social media for you, I guess. What did I learn? I can talk about myself for a reaaaaaally long time if I need to. In the two hours I spent at that bar I successfully listed all of my achievements, spoke about all of my passions, and came to a conclusion on what I thought life was all about. Thanks!

Date #3
This dude was the black sheep of my Tinder experience. He was cool, had an adorable kitten, and was a cutie. We got along well. I liked him. There’s not much else to say about Tinder date number 3, except that he probably didn’t like me all that much. We hung out a few times, but it never really progressed. Btw, he wore long-johns under his jeans in May. Weird. What did I learn? Not everyone is going to like me. Some people may dislike me, but that’s cool too. I might not get the super exciting start-up position I wanted, but there will be a next time. Keep on keeping on.

With that in mind, enjoy swiping right. If you don’t find boyfriend material (LOL, as if), you may get to work on your interview skills. Some pointers – don’t wink, don’t underestimate yourself, and do everything with relentless confidence. That guy who spoke about his mother way too much may help you later on in life. Have fun, my social media butterflies.

Rhosian Woolridge


Words by Rhosian Woolridge.