Reggie Watts name checks 600 Aussie towns

To celebrate Virgin Mobile‘s music streaming partnership with Guvera, comedian and international musician Reggie Watts is heading to Australia next week to release a music track that lasts for a whopping 21 hours and name checks over 600 of Australia’s weirdest and wonderful town names. You can hear a sample of it above.

Why 21 hours? Well, because that is how much music you can stream through Guvera (407 songs or up to 21 hours of music) with 1GB of data, which is the amount of bonus data all existing and new Postpaid customers could score every month they listen to Guvera until 30 April 2016.

This means you might not be so ‘Datafraid’ when listening to music on your phone.

Datafraid (definition): A state of anxiety about how much data you’re using on your mobile phone.

Key findings in a recent study include that 90 per cent of Aussie smartphone users agree that music makes life more enjoyable but that 44 per cent don’t stream music from their phone as they feel they are getting close to their limit. Meanwhile 36 per cent of Aussies don’t stream music from their phone because they don’t know how much data their phone is using.