Interview: Claws & Organs hit the hot spots



We chat with vocalist/guitarist David Crowe from wonderfully scuzzy Melbourne trio Claws & Organs, as they gear up for a sweeping spring tour of Australia’s East Coast:

Hi there! Thanks for taking a moment to chat with us here at Something You Said. How’s it going? Where are you as you write this, what can you see, hear and smell?
I am good, thanks. I’m doing my laundry at the moment, so I can smell detergent mostly.

What do you usually play in the band? Is it an instrument that you already played before getting involved with Claws & Organs? What do you enjoy most about your instrument?
I play guitar in Claws & Organs as well as sharing lead vocals with Heather. I’ve played guitar in a heap of other bands before this one, but it’s the first one where I sing lead, which is equal parts fun and terrifying. As for what I like best about guitar, I suppose I like making unusual noises. I’m a bit of a pedal fiend, so that generates some strange sounds.

How did Claws & Organs start out? How long have you known one another? What were your first jams like compared with what you’re making now?
Nick and I have known each other for yonks. We started playing in bands back in high school, and it sounded very different to how we sound now. Heather joining the band has changed our sound in a very positive way.

What do you all do outside of being in Claws & Organs?
We’re all gainfully employed doing various things. I work in an office, which isn’t very rock and roll, but I can check emails pretty regularly, which is useful.

Who came up with the band name, is there any tale behind it?
I came up with it. It was the least stupid name on a long list of stupid names.

Where are your favourite places to jam and write together? What about when it comes to recording?
Heather and I tend to write things in our lounge room and then fully form the ideas with Nick at a rehearsal space. I feel I should give Wick Studios a plug because we filmed our video there. It’s a good space, which lends itself to writing new material. The last few recording sessions we’ve done have been at Head Gap with Neil Thomason. It’s a fantastic studio and Neil is a pleasure to work with. He’s figured out how to get the best out of us.

What are you working on together at the moment? Are you writing/recording/touring?
We’ve just released the second single from our 7” called ‘No Teeth No Stamina’ and we’re touring throughout November.

Is there an EP/album that’s come out this year that you’re smitten with? What about a great live show that you’ve seen?
I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve been getting into the Wolf Alice album over the last couple of weeks. I saw Spacejunk recently. They’re rad blokes and they put on a hell of a show.

When was the last time you made a mixtape/playlist? What was on it?
I usually make playlists that are only a couple of songs because I like listening to songs on repeat until I can’t stand them anymore.

Are there any particular records that you all enjoy listening to together? What are they?
We’re all big Pixies fans. I like Doolittle best, but Nick is more of a Surfer Rosa guy. And The Kills. Midnight Boom.

What have you got coming up for the rest of the year?
Our BIGGEST TOUR YET. We’re hitting up all the hot spots throughout November.

Thanks a bunch, have an excellent day!
Only if you do too.

Catch Claws & Organs on one of the following fabulous occasions:

October 31 – Happy Trails Music Festival Creswick VIC w/ Dead, Tangrams and more
November 5 – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney w/ Royal Chant, Red Gazelle
November 6 – Captain Cook Hotel , Sydney w/ Service Bells, Jugular Cuts
November 7 – Trainspotters, Brisbane w/ Gazar Strips, The Bear Hunt, MessMess
November 14 – Bar Open, Melbourne w/ Cull, Loobs, Ghost Dick
November 20 – The Exeter Hotel, Adelaide w/ Charlie Monsoon, Invisible Mantra
November 27 – The Eastern, Ballarat w/ Milkk

Chloe Mayne


Interview by Chloe Mayne.