Slow Riot share their photo diary


As Ireland-based post-punk trio Slow Riot continue to pick up pace, they give us a visual peek inside the nooks and crannies of their sonic adventures:

1. Ominous clouds on the horizon as we make our way to Dublin for our show with Codes.

slow riot 1

2. A wing mirror selfie taken on the M7.

slow riot 2

3. Complete elation! Our manager has brought some copies of EP with him from London. Time for a celebratory pint!

slow riot 3

4. The legendary Whelan’s on Wexford St., Dublin where we opened for Codes in the main room.

slow riot 4

5. A poster for our show lit up by UV lights in Dublin city centre.

slow riot 5

6. Testing.. Here we are powering through a few tracks in soundcheck.

slow riot 6

7. A black and white shot of us in action.

slow riot 7

Wrap your ears around Slow Riot’s latest single below and keep up with the band on Facebook.

Chloe Mayne


By Chloe Mayne.