Food review: Los Vida Barangaroo

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Los Vida, the popular Sydney-based Mexican eatery, has just opened at Barangaroo’s waterfront food hub, so we thought we’d better check it out. Our Editor Bobby selflessly put his hand up for a free lunch. Here’s what he thought:

Making up part of the Barangaroo’s laid-back dining spot, The Canteen, Los Vida’s fourth eatery across Sydney offers something different. Basically, it delivers nutritious and tasty Mexican food, but it’s all… well… more Mexican than you might be used to. That may sound stupid, but as Los Vida’s well-informed and enthusiastic staff explained to me, the Mexican fare we usually eat has been overtly Americanised. Loads of melted processed cheese, heaps of rice in the burritos… that kind of thing. This isn’t the way it was originally intended to be served.

Los vidaHere, things are prepared in a more traditional way.

While they are offering quick, convenient meals in a food court-esque environment, everything is fresh and light, with individual flavours complimenting each other yet at the same time clearly definable.

It’s infinitely lighter than the stodgy, bastardised American versions we are used to. And incredibly tasty.

Being vegetarian, I didn’t try the Yucatan fish taco of grilled Barramundi or the chicken, beef, lamb, pork, but other diners around me were absolutely devouring them.

I instead feasted heaps upon of other stuff (see picture) including beans and mushrooms in the form of vegetarian quesadillas and soft tacos, both of which were slightly spicy but not uncomfortably so.

Meanwhile the tequenos were amazing, so full of cheesy flavour, while the freshly made corn chips came with a fantastic dip of guacamole, pomegranate, tomato and red onion.

Everything was washed down with aguas frescas (Mexican-style drinks) and jarritos (mexican lime and guava drinks).

Los Vida Barangaroo

All of the dishes were genuinely fresh and flavoursome and, while nicely filling, felt light enough to enable me to go back to work for the afternoon feeling very satisfied but not bloated.

Los Vida Barangaroo is open Monday to Friday between 11.00am and 3.00pm and I would definitely recommend a visit if you want a bite of lunch which is carefully prepared, fresh and, most importantly, bursting with flavour.

Los Vida Barangaroo

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bobby townsend


Review by Bobby Townsend.