Review: Foodies – The Culinary Jetset

As someone who attends numerous food-related events, I understand exactly what a serious business food blogging is. They way bloggers perfectly line-up their photographs of the culinary delights before them, it’s clear the aesthetic is almost as important as the taste. A food photo on Instagram from a respected blogger is always destined to get lots of attention and garner the restaurant plenty of new business. The food critic can make or break a business and certainly keep establishments and chefs on their toes when it comes to being inventive.

And so we have Foodies – The Culinary Jetset, which studies a group of slightly strange characters who have a mission to eat at the best restaurants on earth, where they will try ludicrously expensive food, such as the dubious “Sex on the Beach”‘ which is designed to look like a used condom. Lovely.

We follow them around and discover a bunch of people with seemingly too much time and money at their disposal and who are keen for attention. But what is also clear is that these individuals are truly passionate about food. Like, really passionate. They turn down free meals so that they can be 100% honest about what they eat without feeling like they owe anyone anything and they take their positions as influencers very seriously.

Some of the dishes might be a bit much for vegetarian viewers (“you can eat the brains if you want. Just suck it out”) and many of them are ludicrously pricey (“I have never seen melons for $200”), yet it is very interesting to see these creations brought to life and to understand the criteria with which these self-appointed critics rate them. It’s also intriguing to learn about chef’s opinions on bloggers (which are generally not too positive).

On the surface, Foodies offers little more than watching slightly odd people eat at places a million miles beyond your budget, but it is also a fun look at people’s obsessions and an engaging distraction for an hour-and-a-half.

Foodies is out exclusively on Digital HD now.  

bobby townsend


Review by Bobby Townsend.