Why you need JLM in your life


Somethingyousaid.com’s Jess Matthews of “How To Buy a Drink and not be an Idiot” fame has recently launched her own website, entitled JLM. If you are guilty of any of the following things, you probably need it in your life:

1. You are unsure of your own relationship status.

2. You suspect that you’re dangerously close to hating the opposite sex.

3. You need something as well as Something You Said to read on the train/bus/with your morning latte.

4. You describe yourself as ‘sexually liberal’, meaning you fall in love eight times per fortnight, but then promptly fall out of love the next time something shiny/sweaty/muscly/beautiful walks past.

5. You cried during your hot yoga class today.

6. You yo-yo between desperately wanting to find the love of your life, go on a sex bender or submit to living with a bunch of cats and candles.

7. You feel like you’re turning into a crazy person because Harry/Daniel/Lara is being immature/playing games/jealous/aloof/clingy/flaky and you JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS?

8. You think chivalry is a breed of horse.

9. You’re shame spiralling from sleeping with too many people that know other people you’ve slept with.

10. You have a crush on your barista and you don’t know how to move conversation past your almond milk piccolo.

11. You spend more time checking your phone and various strands of social media than you do studying/working/breathing.

12. You are sick of trying to redefine what ‘seeing someone’ really means over multiple margaritas and mixed snacks on a weekly basis.

Check out JLM here