Backyard Cinema’s Winter Night Garden

Backyard cinema

Londoners! Are you feeling bitter about winter? Wishing going out wasn’t such a chore? Emilia Gill pulls on her warmest socks and heads over to Victoria Park, and explains why you should too:

This week marks the start of the modern twist on traditional Christmas festivities at Backyard Cinema’s indoor Christmas Winter Night Garden. The merry garden also hosts other festive activities, such as a Woodland bar leading through to the enchanted forest. With mulled wine and mince pies you can wrap up and catch your favorite films on the big screen.

Four years ago, a group of friends made a DIY cinema in their garden, inviting friends, family and neighbours in to watch their favourite classics. Now they’ve moved the screenings from their backyard into our very own London garden, airing movies in all locations from churches to warehouses. Screenings have included cabaret, choirs, live bands, street food and everything else you’d need for the perfect night out.

The films you can catch at Backyard Cinema’s indoor Christmas Winter Night Garden include classics such as Love Actually, Frozen, Moulin Rouge, Gremlins and It’s a Wonderful Life, as well as festive films such as Elf, Home Alone or Band Santa.

So why not hurry down and book tickets with your partner, work friends, family, or anyone else that shares a passion for film? See you there!

When: Thursday 26th November – Sunday 23rd December
Where: London’s Victoria Park
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Words by Emilia Gill.