My 2015, My 2016, by Daisy Dowd

Daisy Tulley

As we depart 2015 and excitedly welcome another year, we thought we’d ask some of our all-time favourite humans to tell us about their highlights/lowlights from the last 12 months and their hopes for 2016. Here’s Daisy Dowd, formerly of Bridezilla, now turning heads with her brilliant new band, Low Lux:

2015 was… full of love, depression, Low Lux and children.

My highlight was… getting married to Alex Dowd. We threw a great party and I still day dream about how luxuriously lovely it was. Also Low Lux’s first single launch at Newtown Social Club in June. I’ve done plenty of solo shows/Bridezilla shows/Low Lux supporting others shows for the past 10 years but this felt like my first own show and I was super proud.

My lowlight was… feeling really depressed for about two months. For no reason I spiralled into a writing hole and only when I was driving around Oregon, USA between the pine trees for a month did I feel at peace again. But I did write Low Lux’s second single ‘Ruin’ so that was bonus. As I get older I’m learning the darkness brings a good song or two or I get to know myself a little better so I’m embracing the lowlights. Low light // Low Lux.

In 2015, I was watching… porn star and health related documentaries. But honestly I prefer to spend my time writing songs, hosting fish Wednesday with my friend Anabelle or Rowdy Dowdy’s backyard beers on Sunday at my place.

And I was listening to… ‘Merrily Merrily’ kids compilation compact disc. On repeat. My daughter June’s favourite track is “Wheel’s On The Bus (Go Round and Round)”. Tried to listen to Drake and Kendrik Lamar but June turned it off. Devo.

2016 will be… more love, less depression, Low Lux and children.

I’m most looking forward to… Low Lux releasing some more music and having a comprehensive conversation with June. She’s starting to talk and it’s fucking great. I want to find out if she thinks Daddy’s cool or crazy.

In 2016, I want to… feel more relaxed and fear death less. I’ve felt anxious that I’m going to die all year. So yes I would prefer if 2016 wasn’t riddled with my fear of death. I’m in my prime, I don’t want to fucking die.

By this time next year, I hope… I’m as happy as I am now and feel a huge sense of accomplishment as I do now. I squashed a lot of life into 2015 and I’m thrilled by that.

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend. Photo by Belinda Hedges.