My 2015, My 2016, by Tess Dimos


With 2015 just a memory as we excitedly welcome another year, we thought we’d ask some of our all-time favourite humans to tell us about their highlights/lowlights from the last 12 months and their hopes for 2016. Here’s model, actress and DJ, Tess Dimos:

2015 for me was a roller coaster, major highs and lows but you can call that life. Out of all the years I felt I learnt more about myself last year, I faced a lot of fears and made a lot of big changes in my life. I saw last year as a warm up for the year ahead.

My highlight was travelling South East Asia, a bit of Australia and America at the start of the year. I had saved money for a deposit on a house and realised life was too short, at 25 I should be experiencing more of the world and enjoying life so I used those savings and took a break from work. Other highlights included having some great times with my friends and everyone close to me being fit and healthy is always a highlight for me.


I could pay attention to the lowlights but I like to think of them more as life lessons.

In 2015, I was watching a lot of This Is The End. I actually watched it twice in one day when I was hungover. I could probably quote the whole film.

My most played music was… according to my Spotify… J Cole. I also discovered Anderson Pakk after being obsessed with Nxworries – Suede. A lot of hip hop (mainly 80’s/90’s) and The National just for a bit of balance. Oh and a lot of Adele’s ‘Hello’ but not out of choice.. I’m thinking everyone has suffered with that one.

tess dimos

2016 will be incredible as long as I have my close ones around me and I get to travel a little bit more!

I’m most looking forward to working really hard – 2015 was more of a well needed gap year for me. I’m excited for future prospects!

In 2016, I want to work, travel, give this DJing lark a good go (I’m a model turned actress turned DJ don’t you know *sigh*) have my health, fun, lots of laughter, make those close to me happy and a major one for me is to stop overthinking and ‘having trust in the universe’. Wait… that sounds ridiculous.

By this time next year, I hope I achieve all I’ve ever wanted. 2016 is a very important year for me! I also hope for my family and friends to do the same, when close ones are doing well and are happy it uplifts me greatly.


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Interview by Bobby Townsend