The Flaming Lips, Summer Sounds in Sydney

The Flaming Lips by Phil Erbacher

Wanna turn a huge open space on a summer’s evening into an abso-bloody-lutely massive psychedelic party? Better call veteran weirdos The Flaming Lips.

And so it came to be on Saturday in Sydney, where Wayne Coyne’s crew played a free-to-everyone, open air show in The Domain, in front of a crowd of thousands. They reason for the party? Sydney Festival’s 40th birthday. And just, you know, because The Flaming Lips love a good shindig. We sent Phil Erbacher along to photograph the awesomeness.


After a fun support slot from FM Belfast and a somewhat angry yet still cracking turn from local heroes, Royal Headache, the Oklahoma act put on a typically crazy show. There were all of the props, dancing mascots and confetti canons that you’d expect, as well as a brilliant light show. Oh, yeah, and their amazing songs of course. 90 minutes of epic, psychedelic rock anthems.

013 The Flaming Lips by Phil Erbacher.

Fight Test, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots and She Don’t Use Jelly were delivered early, while Do You Realize?? was saved until the finale, with Coyne explaining how, while it might sound like a sad song, it really isn’t. A huge, joyous singalong ensued to end a great night. It was a fine way for Sydney Festival to celebrate its 40th birthday. As Coyne’s balloon so succcintly puts it. Fuck yeah Sydney.

Photo by Phil Erbacher Photo by Phil Erbacher Photo by Phil Erbacher

Sydney Festival runs until the 26th January with countless more events taking place all over the city. Check it all out and book tickets at the Sydfest website. Enjoy a selection of our photos here. The rest can be found on our Facebook page.

010 Photo by Phil Erbacher Photo by Phil ErbacherSummer SoundsThe Flaming Lips at Sydney Festival by Phil ErbacherThe Flaming Lips

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All pictures by Philip Erbacher. Words by Bobby Townsend.