Premiere: Crystal Cities – Talkin To Myself

We’re kicking off the week by premiering the excellent new video from Sydney band Crystal Cities. The above clip for Talkin To Myself uses iPhone footage taken during recording sessions in Sydney and on a US tour. You’ll see sights from New York and Newtown in there!

In case you aren’t up to date with Crystal Cities, here is the history lesson… The band was born one January night in Sydney’s Inner West, in the garage of lead-singer Geoff Rana’s house, to be precise. They were jamming an older original song, and by starting in a different key after a long session. It revealed a chilled, stripped back and eerily, ethereal version of the once energy-driven track. And so Crystal Cities discovered their other-worldly pop sound.

Talkin To Myself follows the band’s 2015’s debut single Cut Me Loose, which gained plenty of radio-play across America. An EP is currently being worked on and should see the light of day sometime later this year.

In the meantime you can keep up to date with the band on Facebook